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  • 产品说明



本机适用于医药、卫生材料、餐饮等行业。 如药物贴济、消毒棉巾、消毒纸巾、卫生纸巾、香餐巾等产品的包装。 具有双自由度横向纠偏装置及纵向智能型光电商标定位系统, 连续商标、定位商标自由切换。可自动完成纸巾横纵向折叠、切断、制袋、浸液、分切、打印、预数(并可预选计数)等功能。四边封袋型,成品平整美观。

 纸巾尺寸 长 80-220mm    宽 70-200mm
 纸巾折叠形式 纵向最多八折   横向最多四折
 制袋尺寸 长75-125mm      宽60-110mm
 生产能力 50-90袋/分
 总功率 220V 50Hz 2.6KW
 整机重量 800Kg
 外型尺寸 长×宽×高  900×1400×2040mm

Scope of applications:

This machine is designed for medical and restaurant applications. It will pack alcoholic or disinfectant liquid and tissue or paper napkins with disinfectant. It will also fold the paper product several times before insertion into the package. It incorporates a cross deviation correction device with two directions of movement and an intelligent longitudinal photoelectric trademark positioning system with two modes that uses pre-printed packaging materials. It features automatic folding, filling, liquid insertion into the package, sealing, cutting, notching and counting (optional preset number) of the packs. The packs are sealed on all four sides.

 Size of wet tissue L 80-220mm    W 70-200mm
 Tissue plying mode Maximum eight longitudinal plies four cross plies
 Size of bag L 75-125mm    W 60-110mm
 Capacity of production 50-90 bags/min
 Total power 220V 50Hz 2.6KW
 Total weight 800kg
 Size of machine L×W×H        900×1400×2040mm