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首页 >> 公司产品 >>包装机 >>液体包装机 >> 自动液体包装机(Automatic Liquid packing machine)(YBJ)

自动液体包装机(Automatic Liquid packing machine)(YBJ)

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 生产效率 1500-2000 袋/时
 包装精度 ±1.5%F.S.
 电压  220V
 功率  1KW
 包装重量  100-500 克/袋
 薄膜宽度  240或320 毫米
 机器重量  220 公斤
 外形尺寸  750 x 750 x 1750 毫米

Futures and Purposes:

  The whole technological process parts of the machine are made up by adopting the import stainless steel, ultraviolet radiation sterilization、self priming pump quantitative filling、directly-heated sealing and cutting、bagging dimensions、packaging weight, it is convenient and reliable to adjust the sealing and cutting temperature, the manufacture date is printed by the color band.

  The machine applies to the liquid products including the various soy、vinegar、cooking wine、white spirit、disinfecting beverage、fruit juice、milk、sour milk and soy milk packed by the polyethylene plplastic film. 

Main Technical Parameters 

 Productivity 1500-2000 cups/hour
 Packing Accuracy ±1.5%F.S.
 Voltage  220 V
 Power  1KW
 Packing Weight  100-500 g/cup
 Film Width  240 or 320 mm
 Machine Weight  220 kg
 Overall Dimensions 750 x 750 x 1750 mm