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    Tianjin Hong Shi Yuan Packaging Machinery Ltd. Co is a high-techenterprise, specialized in researching and producing automatic packaging machines. 

    We own a group with high level professional technology and many years export experience.

    At present, our 20 models of packaging and chemicals industries with the functions of bag-making, measuring, filling,  sealing, cutting, printing and countingetc.   

    Our products have been exported to over 20 countries such as United States,  Canada,  Chile, France,  German,  Mongolia,  Ghana,  Lebanon,  Bangladesh,  Thailand,  Malaysia,  Singapore and Indonesia etc.

    Baced on the tenet of”Quality for Survival, Development with faith”we do our best to provide the first class service and the best quality products.    

    We sincerely hope that we could establish long good business relations with the customers all over the world.